Drew Lewis Foundation @ The Fairbanks

Community. Restoration. Engagement.

Sponsorship Naming Opportunities

at the Fairbanks include:

The School House - $100,000

The Event Center - $100,000

The Library - $100,000

The School House Classroom (1000 sq. ft.) - $25,000 each. (7 Remaining)

The McQueary General Store - 1 School House Classroom - SOLD

Auditorium (4000 sq. ft.) - $50,000

The Kitchen (1000 sq. ft.) - $50,000 - SOLD

Drew Lewis Kitchen

The Event Center Classroom (1000 sq. ft.) - $25,000 each. (2 total)

North Garden - $25,000

South Garden - $25,000

Rooftop Garden - $25,000

Herb Garden - $10,000

The Dan Cobb Meditation Garden - SOLD

Corporate Sponsorships:

Potential sponsors, please call: (417) 720-1890.

We would like the opportunity to meet with you.

Become a Sponsor!

       Our aim at Fairbanks is to build a center for community betterment initiatives in the Grant Beach Neighborhood. The 25,000 square foot space will be restored and converted for multiple uses and will include: an auditorium, a teaching kitchen, a technology lab, a library, a visual and performing arts space, and more. Our goal is to benefit kids and adults from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds through social, physical, and educational activities. Ultimately, we hope to improve quality of life in the Grant Beach Neighborhood and make our city a better place to live.